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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Chocolate Persian Cats

Chocolate point Himalayan cat                 ATTENTION!!!
This site is under construction.

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Chocolate and lilac in solid and bicolor Persians and Himalayans
Ringworm, PKD, FIV and FELV free
I work with excelent bloodlines as Playwikey, Lake Hyco, Pajean, Foxy, Miramacats, Qdpies, Prancenpaws, Fur Pleasure.

Some fotos:

All of my cats are tested negative for FIV, FELV,
and DNA tested 
for PKD.

I have  a  small cattery and therefore can devote
 time with all of my cats and kittens.
The kittens are raised underfoot,
what allows them to adjust nicely to new homes.

We sell our cats to loving, responsible people and to small cageless catteries only

I breed  chocolate Persian and Himalayan cats for personality, health and temperament,
not for quantity. We are breeding for sweet faces with big round eyes in combination with a short cobby body.
All of our cats/kittens are raised in a clean environment free of parasites, fleas, and fungus. 
I ship domestically and internationally.

We request a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT on all kittens along with a signed contract to hold a kitten for you. Deposits are accepted in good faith. If a kitten does not develope to our expectations from the quality you were promised then we will offer you another kitten when one comes available or you want to choose a different kitten you may do that when one becomes available but be aware that could take several litters so before you commit to a kitten please be sure!
All of my kittens are used to being handled plenty and adored.
None of my cats are declawed.
I'm very choosy in where our kittens are placed. I  prefer to place my kittens in a home with no breeding rights where we know they will have a forever place without being bred and caged but on occasion we will place a show baby for showing and breeding but only to a serious breeder. I  may conduct interviews and ask for references. Sorry, but my kittens mean the world to me and their future homes are the most important.I feel very responsible for their future. They deserve the happiest life of this world.