*****  Sorry for the inconvenience. This website is under construction, but I posted a few photos of some of my cats, so people can have an idea of my chocolate program. Come back later to see the updates .Thanks for your understanding. I have chocolate kittens available

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Chocolate Persian Female

All of our cats/kittens are raised in a clean environment free of parasites, fleas, and fungus.
I breed  chocolate Persian and Himalayan cats for personality, health and temperament,not for quantity.

Lucas'Love Mademoiselle Cherrie

Lilac Tortie Lynx  Point Himalayan 

Lucas'Love Nutelle

Chocolate tabby
Lucas'Love Spicy
Black tortie(chocolate carrier)

 Show Felines Lily Rose
(Lilac Calico)

Lucas'Love Sweet Surprise 
(chocolate carrier, non CPC)
Some lines on her pedigree:Pajean's, Candirand, Miramacats

Calico, future queen
(Chocolate carrier)
Lilac cream Girl
Lilac Calico  Persian Girl

Del Reys Sweet Promise
Dilute Calico Van  Pure Persian Girl 
Some lines on this beauty's pedigree: Candirand,Pajean's,Miramacats.  She is helping my chocolate program bringing in her pure Persian great type. She developed really tiny ears, coby body, very long fur, short tail and gives to most of her kittens pretty good eyes. She is the foundation of my chocolate and lilac bicolor program.


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